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Rebecca LaMaack Schwartz, DC

I moved to Colorado 12 years ago after graduating from chiropractic school in Minnesota at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Having had unique exposure to chiropractic as an integral part of a multidisciplinary approach during my schooling, I have worked hard to create a clinic that embraces the best of both allopathic and alternative medicine. I am passionate about helping people change their lives by leaving their pain behind them and humble enough to know that chiropractic is often only a piece of the puzzle. I believe that patients really win when providers from many disciplines are contributing and collaborating to address what can be complex pain syndromes.

My team works hard to address the needs of our patients with chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping, massage, nutrition and functional testing. We start with the least invasive approach to address pain and restore function. But we are also willing and able to manage them through more aggressive treatments when appropriate such as imaging, spinal injections, orthopedic or neurosurgical intervention. We respect, incorporate and work alongside mainstream providers, delivering patient centered care that traverses the boundaries of complementary and allopathic medicine in the patients’ best interest.

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Ben Lockie, DC

Ben Lockie has two amazing boys, with one on the way, don’t tell anyone  An amazing wife that is always up for new adventures with her crazy boys. They are the highlight of his life.  Dr. Ben went to school in St. Louis for his Doctorate in chiropractic. He completed a Master’s program in Sports injury and rehabilitation.

Dr. Ben grew up in a small town and spend his entire youth competing in any sort of competition he could find. His favorite activities were waterskiing and wake boarding, play tennis and ping pong, and snowmobiling or dirt bike riding.  During all these activities he has spent many hours recovering from injuries due to over-use, or just bad luck. He has firsthand experience with good recovery/care and bad recovery/care. He has spent most of his adult life learning about the human body, dedicating himself to finding ways to improve and recovery or heal quickly and complete.

His biggest frustration is not being able to participate in desired activities due to pain. He is committed to help his patients live pain free and move better so they can enjoy the highlights of life.

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Becky Manders - acupuncturist

Becky Manders grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. While she was never exposed to alternative medicine she was always fascinated with it. From a young age, she always believed the human body has the ability to heal itself better than anything else. She moved to Colorado after high school graduation where she worked in a Chiropractic office and was exposed to Acupuncture.  This is where her love and interest for acupuncture began.

Becky tends to focus on the root of emotional issues. As well as sleep disorders, TMJ and migraines. Calming the mind and spirit are her main focuses. Becky received her Masters of Science in both Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in December 2016. Both Masters degrees were attained at CSTCM. This program encompasses many adjunctive therapies including: Fire cupping, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), moxibustion, electro-stimulation, auriculotherapy, gua sha, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling. 

She studied at Metropolitan State University for her required credits before enrolling at CSTCM. 

In her free time Becky enjoys spending time with friends and family. As well as taking long walks and playing cards.

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Greg Cicciu - acupuncturist

Greg began studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the early 1990s. The first school attended was a Five Element School and the second school was a Traditional Chinese Medicine school. The two schools empowered Greg to have a variety of acupuncture, tui-na (Chinese massage) techniques in addition to a strong comprehension of Chinese herbal formulas.

In 2011 Greg published his first Chinese pulse diagnostic book, The Pulse Atlas and the second more comprehensive book The Eagle Catches Fish, Pulse Diagnosis made Simple. They are both illustrative guides to Chinese pulse diagnosis formatted to make it easier for students and practitioners of different learning styles to better comprehend the pulses whether you are a Visual, Audio or Kin-esthetic learner. In addition to treating clients his passion for teaching has brought him around the world teaching seminars on Auricular therapy, Tui-Na and Pulse Diagnosis for almost two decades. More recent additions to his education and healing toolbox are Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Coaching/Change Coaching.  His successes with these tools continue with smoking cessation, relieving PTSD, Stress reduction, Helping patients alleviate and manage anxiety to name a few!

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Kristen Lepar - Massage Therapist

I graduated from the Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy, and have been practicing massage for 18 years. I come with a strong background in western medicine as well as alternative therapy techniques. Using a mix of Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular techniques, I am well versed in treating chronic shoulder issues and am skilled in treating deep low back pain. With my technique I am able to help the client achieve a deep sense of wellness, relaxation, and healing. 

When not massaging, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and son camping and hiking. Most of the time, you will find me in my greenhouse enjoying organic gardening.

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Vanessa Groth - Massage Therapist

I moved to Colorado from Hemet, California 21  years ago. I went to Denver School of Massage Therapy  and have been a massage therapist since 2016. I am a  licensed Esthetician as well, having graduated The Salon  Academy and Spa in 2013. I use a combination of  Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy when  massaging.

I like to combine multiple techniques when  working to ensure the best possible outcome depending on  my client’s needs. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two fur babies. I enjoy  flying with my husband and going on adventurous trips. My favorite thing in life is to make  people laugh and smile. 

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Kimberly Winder

I have received extensive education as well as practice in the field of therapeutic bodywork. In 1995, I graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado as a Certified Massage Therapist with over 1000 hours of training in the treatment of chronic pain and injury. Since then, I have continued my education with hundreds of additional hours of study in the management of soft tissue conditions.  My work can be described as slow and intentional with pressure that is deep yet very relaxing.  My passion for nutrition led me to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2014, which I love to integrate into my sessions as needed to help clients manage pain and inflammation.

When not doing massage, I enjoy running, hiking, riding my horse, cooking organic meals for my family and listening to health and wellness podcasts.