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Our vision is a healing environment where patients don’t have to choose between conservative or mainstream medicine. Our warm and friendly clinic is truly unique in that we have excellent relationships with providers in the medical community. At Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, you not only benefit from the excellent care from our experienced in-house providers in chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and nutrition. You also benefit from our network of medical providers in physical therapy, pain management, and surgery when your care requires management beyond conservative care.

what to expect at advanced chiropractic clinic

We serve and educate patients by finding the origin of their pain while incorporating all health care disciplines necessary to ensure optimum outcomes. We have the best patient averages in Parker!

  • The average patient is seen in our office 7.6 times!
  • Compare that to the average patient who sees a physical therapist 11.7 times in the same demographic.
  • We don't sell packages of care.
  • Every patient has a unique protocol based on their needs.
  • We use the best technology including spinal decompression and Class IV lasers for pain relief.

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Each patient gets unique care with a unique treatment plan. We take many insurances and treat on the same day as the initial evaluation unless imaging is necessary.

We schedule as they go based on how they are progressing through their care. Typically a new patient can expect to come to the office twice weekly for the first 2 weeks during the acute phase of treatment. Then we decrease the frequency of care as tolerated by the patient.


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Excellent care

We have some of the most experienced practitioners in their field of expertise. Come to the experts who you can trust to get you the right diagnosis and connect you to the right providers. We pride ourselves in our connection to the medical community and our willingness to give an honest opinion about what direction your care needs to take. Whether you are a conservative care candidate or have a more complex problem that involves our partners in the medical community, we will connect you to your pain solution.