Chiropractic Testimonials

"Leading a normal life with constant neck pain is unbearing. My neck pain was so intense, the only way to ease the pain was to always hold my hand on it.

I keep my monthly appointments with Dr. Paolucci. Some are needed more than others, but they always seem to help.

I now am 83 years old. I lead an active life with much enjoyment. My activities are no longer limited.

Thanks to Dr. Paolucci and his helpful staff, I now have a place to turn if a problem would ever arise."

- Jean

"In June of 1979, after being told by my medical doctor to start preparing for a life in a wheelchair, I, as a last chance started chiropractic care. I had arthritis so bad that I couldn't hold a cup of coffee without dropping it. I had stopped driving a car because I needed help getting in and out of it. For me, every day started with my husband helping me get out of bed. I was dragging my left leg and walking on my toes because the heels of my feet were too sore to hold my weight. I fell three and four times a day, my hands and feet were numb and had very little feeling in them. Now I'm driving again, doing my own housework, my garden is completely weed-free, my weight is down by 26 pounds, and I feel about 35 years old instead of 95. Oh, yes! I took my three grandchildren camping this summer (ages 8,6, and 5) and we needed no help from anyone! I also have a date to play tennis (betcha I win!). Because, with the results of the chiropractic care I'm receiving now, I'm already a big winner!"

- Mrs. Carolyn

"I have had headaches since I was ten years old. My parents took me to doctors, specialist, and no one could do me any good. I went to a hospital in St. Louis to a Dr. for some test. They did an arteriogram in the neck. That helped me till I needed another one. I had the same thing done again, this time it was worse. I got arthritis in my left arm and shoulder and also in my right knee. I ran across Dr. Paolucci's article in the newspaper stating that treatments would help my headaches and arthritis. My next step was to set up an appointment.

After x-rays were taken and Dr. Paolucci explained my problem to me, he gave me an adjustment. I went back every three days or so and my headaches stopped completely. My knee is okay again and I didn't even have to continue to take pills for the pain. I hope everyone could get the same results that I did.

I would recommend Chiropractic treatments to anyone in need of help. I think it is all a miracle. Thanks to Dr. Paolucci and his staff I am a new person."

- Mrs. Louise F.

"In the past, I had previously taken various medications for my shoulder and neck pain but received only minor and temporary relief from the pain and partial immobility. Not until I was referred to you, by numerous friends, did I actually obtain any lasting relief.

Your treatment and therapy recommendations eliminated the pain and restored the mobility of my shoulder.

As a result many of the patients I have been referring to you relate they too, have been fortunate in the abatement of their symptoms."

 - Jeffrey F., M.D.

"Since I have been seeing Dr. Paolucci for nutritional issues, I have much more energy, self assurance and feel better overall. Thank you so much Dr. Paolucci."

 - Anastasia R.

"I remember it was a year ago when I couldn't walk or shop at the store for more than 5-10 minutes without looking for a chair or bench to sit down. I told Dr. Paolucci that the electric carts were looking good to me. He said don't you ever go there.

Now, Wow! I did it! I hiked 11,000 feet and even walked 7 kilometers in the jungles. What can I say? Thank you Dr. Paolucci. I know with proper care, I can go many more miles without an electric cart or wheelchair"

 - Tiffany C.

"Dr. Paolucci has helped me with all of this pain that I had. Sciatica, right side headache, neck and shoulder, extreme numbness of right hand and numbness on Carpal Tunnel."

 - Rachel M.

"I came in to see Dr. Paolucci to address nutritional issues that I had. Now, I am feeling good, increased energy, decreased appetite yet feeling satisfied, regular BM, and sleeping sound."

 - Ashely K.

"I was to the point that daily activities like dressing myself, walking and going to work, were nearly impossible due to the horrible pain in my hands and feet. I had given up hope because "modern medicine" said there was nothing that could be done
Dr. Paolucci is amazing! Since going to him, my pain is nearly gone and daily tasks are no longer a great fear to overcome. I am back to work and extremely thankful for what Dr. Paolucci has done for me."

 - William S.

"I had very serious lower back pain. Sitting on the couch was an uncomfortable task for me or even just standing was a painful thing. I was lucky if I could get more than 4 hours of sleep a night.

Now, it's a wonderful feeling for me. Sleeping has really improved which makes life easier not just for me as a grandma but also for my grandchildren. Dr. Paolucci is a great doctor."

 - Shirley S.

"My leg hurt all the time to the point that all I could focus on was the pain and where or when was the next time I could sit down. Now, I have the focus back where it really counts on my kids and my life. I have no pain and I feel amazing."

- Donald P.

"I was in moderate to severe low back pain and neck pain before seeing Dr. Paolucci. On a typical day I was taking between 10-14 pills of 800mg Ibuprofen. After seeing Dr. Paolucci for a few weeks now, I have reduced the amount of Ibuprofen to almost nothing. I have gone from 10-14 pills a day to less than that amount per month."

- Paul M.

"I have had a "frozen" left shoulder for over 10 years with challenged movement. Now, it is significantly improved with much more mobility."

 - Amanda A.

"My bunions were extremely large and growing, and the muscles on the left side of my body were not performing at the full level of their capabilities. Now, my bunions have shrunk to being practically non-existent and the muscles on the left side of my body are performing in accordance with their mass."

 - U.D.

"Before I came in to see Dr. Paolucci, my shoulder hurt so bad for 4-5 years to even play softball. After about 4 weeks of treatment, I was able to throw a softball again for 30 minutes with no pain at all."

 - Austin P.

"I was told by several doctors that my back pain was permanent and there was nothing I could do about it except to take drugs for the pain. Since I have been going to Dr. Paolucci for several months now, I am pain free for the first time in 25 years and don't have to take any more medication."

 - Ted P.

"When I was 46, it was recommended I have a C3-C6 fusion. I could hardly stand for more than 10 minutes or drive for half an hour, my low back pain was so bad. Probably had nothing to do with the fall off a 40-foot ladder 25 years before. My life passion of riding horses looked to be a lost dream.

My skeptical husband agreed to let me try Dr. Paolucci's treatment plan before letting the surgeons cut on me. It was amazing. Within just a couple of weeks I could drive comfortably (I cover 4 states as a sales rep.). I could ride.

Now, 6 years later, I'm pretty much in full activity, and my wonderful patient horse finds me a comfortable rider again. I see the Doc when I need to, and he keeps me going.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back."

 - Lorena L.

"My shoulder and neck were so stiff and compressed, my range of motion was limited and my strength was impaired. I felt (at 50) I was in the body of an 85 year old. Now, my neck and shoulders feel looser and more relaxed and the stiffness and pain have been relieved. Thanks to Dr. Paolucci, I'm not where I was! He is awesome!"

 - Karen N.

"I had shoulder and arm pain due to knots in the muscles. And, some pain in the lower back and the hips due to lower disc trying to fuse to another disc. I also had lost my sense of taste and smell. Dr. Paolucci was able to stretch my spine and pull the disc apart to relieve my lower back and hips. He treated my neck and upper spine to relieve the shoulder discomfort. Stabilizing my skull and with laser treatments to my sinus, the sense of taste and smell returned!"

 - William K.

"When I look back on how sick I felt at the time I first started coming to Dr. Paolucci- years ago- and then contrast that with how I feel today, I am very grateful to God for leading me here."

 - Barb C.

"I couldn't sleep because there was so much pain in my neck and back, life was getting dull, I couldn't see as well, taste, smell, or even hear as well. Not to mention the rest of my body wasnt feeling as good as it should and depression set in due to not feeling well. Now, I can sleep without pain and live every daily activity pain free and active. I can move freely and actually can see better even though I have nearsighted vision, it's much sharper. Menstrual pain has vanished and so has unexplained depression! No drugs- just great health! Thanks!!"

 - Rebecca K.

"My posture wasn't good, I had a whole lot of headaches and my back ached once in awhile. After seeing Dr. Paolucci I rarely have headaches, my posture is more comfortable and my back never aches!"

 - N.D.

"Dr. Rebecca is an amazing holistic practitioner. She looks at the whole person, vitamins and all. I've had chronic neck and shoulder pain for 4 years and she has totally helped me get it under control. She's been using a guasha spoon that does myofascial release of the tissue around muscles that can hold the muscles in kind of a muscle spasm long term. She's also open to trying new techniques that I learn from other practitioners that I work with. I'm so grateful for her and the changes she's made in my life. She's also extremely personable and great at explaining things in layman's terms, so I enjoy our conversations immensely. I'm now able to spend time volunteering to help others instead of chasing around my pain with various appointments each week."

- Sara W.


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