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Chiropractic Parker CO Man In Auto Accident

If you've experienced an auto accident in Parker CO, you may be suffering from a variety of debilitating issues such as neck pain, back pain, whiplash and tissue damage or you may think you're perfectly all right, when in fact your body is just waiting to deliver an unpleasant surprise weeks after the incident. That's why you should turn to Advanced Chiropractic Clinic. Our Parker CO auto accident chiropractor can evaluate your condition and, if necessary, provide safe, all-natural treatments to help you heal.

Car Accident Therapy in Parker CO

Even a "minor" auto accident can have major consequences for your health. That's because your body inevitably absorbs a considerable amount of force any time a massive object such as a car sustains an impact at practically any speed. Whiplash is the most well-known example. As the force of impact hits you, your body is restrained but your head is thrown forward, only to be thrown backward again violently. The cervical vertebrae and discs can easily be displaced by this action, with herniated discs pushing on cervical nerve roots and soft tissues being strained and torn. Symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Neck Pain
  • Arm & Shoulder Pain
  • Tingling, Numbness or Weakness in the Hands
  • Facial Pain or Headaches
  • Vision Problems
  • Dizziness, "Brain Fog" and other problems with balance or cognition
  • Back Pain and Sciatica due to Spinal Misalignment are also common results of an auto injury.

Muscle Strain or a ligament sprain can make flexing all but impossible and contribute to adhesions (internal scarring). Even more dangerous, perhaps, is the tendency for some of these injuries to delay their symptoms for many days or weeks. This gives you a false sense of well-being that discourages you from getting help, while the injury continues to worsen without your knowledge. We recommend our patients schedule a spinal screening after an auto accident!

Schedule a Consultation with Our Parker CO Auto Accident Chiropractor

Now that you understand the potential dangers of letting an auto injury go un-diagnosed and untreated, contact Advanced Chiropractic Clinic today to schedule a consultation with our Parker CO auto accident chiropractor. We can spot even small alignment problems or dislocations that could produce big problems down the road, performing timely adjustments to correct your "invisible" auto injury.

If you're suffering from whiplash, neck pain, back pain, or another obvious issue, we can combine chiropractic adjustments with other techniques to relieve your pain without any need for drugs or surgery. For instance, if you're suffering from a muscle strain or sprain as a result of an auto accident, we offer laser therapy to speed healing and reduce discomfort. The laser energy stimulates cellular activity and tissue repair while also boosting blood flow to the strain or sprain, relieving pain, swelling, and inflammation the natural way.

Don't let your auto injury get the upper hand over your health. Get the care you need at our clinic!


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