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Essential oil is the aromatic, volatile liquid that is within the flowers, roots, stems, leaves, bark, etc. of plants. It is most commonly extracted through steam distillation. The role of essential oils in plants is similar to the role of blood in our bodies. Essential oils are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the plants, ensuring they remain nourished and thriving. Essential oils are made up of complex chemical constituents that are constantly changing and adapting to best serve the needs of the plant. A single oil may contain as many as 80-300 or more different chemical constituents. This complexity is important because it allows the oil to have a variety of benefits. True, therapeutic-grade essential oils in Parker CO are highly concentrated and have not been adulterated with other chemicals or perfumes the way many fragrance oils have. Adulterating the oils can be dangerous, even toxic because it changes the intended chemical makeup of the oil.

How Are Essential Oils Used in Parker CO?

Essential oils have been used to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for thousands of years. They may be used aromatically, topically, or ingested.

  • Aromatically- Many people enjoy diffusing essential oils in their homes to purify the air, enhance mood, improve energy, or gain mental clarity. This can be a great way for the whole household to benefit from just a couple of drops of essential oil.
  • Topically- Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin either “neat,” or diluted with carrier oil. The oils are absorbed through the skin and reach every cell in the body in about 20 minutes! They can be applied directly to the ailment (i.e. lavender oil onto a cut or peppermint on the head/neck for a headache), or to Vitaflex points on the feet that correspond to different body systems. A drop or two of oil will go a long way.
  • Ingested- Some essential oils are safe for ingestion. Always follow your provider’s recommendations.

When working with essential oils, using pure, high-quality essential oils is of utmost importance to ensure the therapeutic benefit can be achieved. Many of the oils found in stores have been adulterated to make them cheaper, or distilled in a way that perverts the complex constituents of the oil, limiting its therapeutic effect and sometimes even rendering it toxic. Our office trusts Young Living oils and places our confidence in their policy for growing, harvesting, distilling and packaging their products.

About Young Living

Founded by Gary Young, in 1993, Young Living has continued to serve as a leader in the world of essential oils, through its commitment to quality, sustainability, and education. Adhering to a strict “Seed to Seal” policy, all Young Living Essential oils begin on organic farms owned by the company, are harvested and distilled using the most advanced technology in distillery, and are inspected for quality before being sealed to preserve their integrity and potency. You can learn more about Young Living by visiting their website:


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