Cupping is a technique that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures. Cupping stimulates healing by getting new blood flow to the area. It is effective at relaxing tight muscles and fascia. Cupping is painless and most enjoy the negative pressure sensation that feels similar to deep tissue work. By separating the skin from the fascial layer from the muscular layer and increasing blood flow to an area the body can heal much quicker.

In recent years cupping has been featured in magazine, seen on movie stars, and was front and center during the Olympics. After a treatment there are suction marks left on the skin that can range from light to very dark and can remain for several days. As you continue to treat the area the marks become less and less. Cupping can be done as a standalone treatment or alongside acupuncture to increase the body’s ability heal from trauma and injury.

In addition to tight, painful, and injured areas of the body, cupping can help with many other ailments. It can help with asthma, allergies, digestion, genecology issues, increasing lactation, colds and flu.

Benefits and Features of cupping:

-Increase circulation and oxygen to the area

-Remove old and stagnant blood

-Causes micro trauma and beneficial inflammation

-Creates new blood flow to an injured area

-Relaxes muscles and fascia