Functional nutrition is an emerging new field that looks at the way food affects your body and illness processes. Many don’t associate their poor health with what they put on their plate. But more and more, we are understanding that food either promotes health or it promotes disease. Through the last 10 years of my chiropractic practice, I have gained a greater appreciation of how inflammation plays a significant role in how my patients feel, and how quickly they will respond to treatment. In addition to chiropractic care, I work with my patients to reduce their inflammation which can speed their recovery.

Beyond my chiropractic practice, I set aside a day of the week to work with individuals who may want to address specific health concerns with nutrition. Taking the functional nutrition route to address pain or conditions involves a comprehensive medical intake, food log, and assessing your lifestyle. It may also include running advanced testing such as food sensitivity testing, micronutrient assessment, genetic make-up and more to gain an understanding of how food and supplementation can best address your individual biochemical needs to restore and maintain health.

— Rebecca LaMaack Schwartz, DC